The Beast Tower

Ch 8. Various Discoveries

Everyone discovered a lot of things.

Nate, for instance, met Scarf (who was revealed to have killed Crash and who everyone thought may have, from a previous entry not properly filled up). He learned about nests that the diseased made. He learned about Scarf herself, and even got kissed by her and told that she trusted him but not his packmates. She answered many questions and seemed to genuinely enjoy his company, which Nate enjoyed.

Emma went after Marlon to talk with him about terrible parental expectation and ended up discussing Sun Tzu for a long while. Then, with Marlon’s help while tracking a missing man, found a nest, got attacked, and found out that they attacked each other just as much as her, Her and Marlon killed those that were necessary, whereupon she saw the blood come together and ignore gravity to float. She felt dizzy, so she and Marlon quickly left. Marlon vowed to never abandon her.

Willow went to talk to the Tailor, when an old woman knocked on the door. She turned out to be ridden by a Death spirit Willow had spoken to briefly. The nursing home the spirit was in was no longer filled with peaceful/slow death and she blamed Willow. Upon investigation, Willow caught the plague. After calming down at a nearby cafe, Willow learned some information about the Tailor which she swore to keep quiet.



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