Willow Hart

Lanky hippie reeks of weed and patchouli


A dark-haired girl. From her mom she got the dark hair and the Mediterranean complexion. From her father, she got brown eyes, a rounded face, and a tall lanky build with knots of muscle here and there. She tends to wear homemade clothing, though recently has taken to wearing a too-small shirt and too-small jean shorts. Less fresh-faced now than previously, there’s a certain hardness to the edges of her lips, and an intensity in the way she holds herself — like she’s about to hurl, cry, or punch whoever she’s speaking to.

Theme Song: Into Dust by Mazzy Star

“Around, broken in two
Till your eyes shed
Into dust
Like two strangers
Turning into dust
Till my hand shook
With the way I fear
I could possibly be fading
Or have something more to gain
I could feel myself growing colder
I could feel myself under your fate.”


Willow Hart

The Beast Tower maquila