The Beast Tower

6. Healing and the Illuminati

The pack takes Willow to the Tailor to get healed after having her arms ripped off. Delaney agrees to it, but only if—at some point in the future she promises to support him without questioning. Willow agrees to this.

After some chatting, the rest of the pack leave. Walking outside, a bird of Paradise is found holding a letter for Nate. Nate opens the letter, and reveals:

Here are the Rules. Follow them.

1. Avoid any form of man-made data transmission.

2. Avoid any form of gratuitous humor.

3. Avoid anyone who is not following Rules 1 and 2.

4. Do not follow or attempt to track down anyone who suddenly disappears.

5. Do not attempt to reply to, or track the source of, this correspondence.

You’re welcome.

Signed by the Illuminati symbol.



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