Patrick Delaney



The first thing to stand out about Patrick Delaney is how impeccably well-dressed he is. He is never seen without a crisp, sharp-angled, perfectly-proportioned suit and tie. In a middle-of-nowhere town like Thompson Falls, this immediately makes him stand out.

On top of that, he happens to be unexpectedly young and exceedingly good-looking. His facial structure is thin, but hard and strong, with very prominent, classically handsome cheekbones. His eyes are a piercing blue, and have a hungry intensity that has a way of making women seem paralyzed in his presence. But perhaps even more appealing than any of that is his voice: it is a smooth, quiet baritone, and it carries a deep, musical intensity. Though he never seems to raise his voice, and he always speaks with a crisp, professional edge, somehow his quiet and ultra-controlled way of speaking lends him tremendous authority. It’s the kind of voice that stereotypically belongs to a cult leader—or a very charismatic serial killer.


Delaney lives in a small shack at the end of an unmarked road about a mile north of Thompson Falls. He is known throughout town simply as “The Tailor,” and is rarely, if ever, actually seen in town. He tends to be spoken of by the townsfolk as if he were a creepy old hermit; the sort of person you don’t want to deal with unless you absolutely have to. And yet, whenever there’s a wedding or a funeral, and people need to put on their once-a-year suits, they always go to the creepy old hermit’s shack to get their measurements.

Facts About:

- Elodoth Storm Lord.
- Apparently packless.

Current Rumors (all unsubstantiated):

- He is a Bale Hound.
- He is a servant of the Dark Lord of Deception, Pseulak.
- He created, and maintains, a Wound on the land near his shack.
- He killed the Iron Master, Crash.
- His real name is Evan Waters.
- He is currently lusting after Emma Ross.
- He has offered to heal Willow Hart so he can make her indebted to him, and subsequently use that debt to convert her into a Bale Hound.
- He is the Anti-Christ.
- He eats babies.
- He was placed into the game purely to torture Maq.

Patrick Delaney

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