Mysterious Person


A person who seems to prefer dealing with the uratha indirectly, the one the pack knows as “Scarf” is a mysterious woman indeed. The first sign of her presence or involvement in an area seems to be birds, bird-spirits, or both: a blackbird takes off unexpectedly from a power line, or a bird is seen that has no earthly business being in rural Montana. The second sign that Scarf is around is that there tend to be written messages lying around—either delivered by the aforementioned birds, or otherwise left in the environment for the pack to find. These messages are typically signed with the pyramid logo of the Illuminati.

On the rare occasion that she’s found directly, Scarf’s most notable physical feature is her namesake: a long black scarf she wears perpetually tied around her neck. Apart from this, she has several other distinguishing features: she has a (nearly) shaved head; she has bright green eyes which are unusual for her skin tone and unusually piercing; and her voice is a deep, husky rasp—like a person who has a terrible cold or who has suffered some kind of physical throat damage. This latter seems to be confirmed by the prominent scars occasionally visible lurking underneath the scarf she wears, presumably to cover them up.


No one knows her real name, or where she came from, or what her agenda is in Thompson Falls. It is known only that she uses birds for allies (though it is unknown whether she has some kind of supernatural command over them or whether she simply has them well-trained); that she has some kind of involvement with the plague; that she has access to a great deal of information about the plague, the town, and the town’s residents; and that, more often than not, she seems to be watching.

It is now known that Scarf is the one who killed Crash. (At least, she confessed to it.) She has thus far refused to fully explain her reasons for doing so, but she has stated that she is not proud of it—that Crash was actually her friend—but that, put in the same position, she would do it again. This goes along with the pack’s perception of Scarf as a cold-blooded killer.

Scarf has taken a much greater liking to Nathan Donnelly than to anyone else in his pack. Nate is the only one she’s communicated with, and the only one she’s taken the time to meet and speak to directly. She even answered most of his questions—and seemed to enjoy the conversation. This stands in direct contrast to her outspoken mistrust of all the other uratha in the town. Why exactly Scarf has singled Nate out as trustworthy is not known—but the interest she has in him seems to go beyond professional reasons. It’s possible she’s interested in him romantically—which could explain the lengths she has gone to protect and aid him.


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