Nathan "Quiz" Donnelly

Man with half a plan.


Slightly taller than average, good posture, but quiet, unassuming, unintrusive – old-school western stoic demeanor, modeled more on cops and ranchers then top one hundred country music. Short, light brown hair with a bit of blonde in summer sun, cut cheaply as possible. Cool (cold, really) blue eyes. His demeanor notably changes when he fixes in on a task or person – that’s when the grins come out.

Renown: Half-moon the size of a large outstretched hand on top of his collarbone (Honor 2), question marks scattered all over his hands and arms (Cunning 1).


The Donnellys are all over, like drunken cockroaches. Nate’s one of the exceptions. He was the one trying to get out. Then everything went sideways and spiraled out of control.

He asks a lot of questions and doesn’t get enough answers. That’s life as a werewolf so far.

Nathan "Quiz" Donnelly

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