Information Spirit


Matrix is a two-dimensional rectangle that tends to appear in the air at about eye level, like a computer screen. It tends to appear as the object that gave it its namesake: a grid of white ever-shifting numbers and symbols set to a flickering black backdrop. It is, however, capable of displaying virtually any image that a computer is capable of displaying, and has been known to adopt “desktop preferences” for “registered users” it remembers. It typically speaks in a droning male voice, with a distinct text-to-speech lilt, and while it is fluent in First Tongue, like all spirits, it most often chooses to communicate in human symbols and language.

Rank: 2 (Greater Gaffling)

Power: 3
Finesse: 5
Resistance: 2

Essence: 15

Initiative: 7
Willpower: 5
Corpus: 5
Defense: 5
Speed: Special
Size: 3
Influences: Computers (2)


1 dot Intelligence (given)

2 dots Computer (pack)


Personal: Unable to opine; unable to analyze subjective (emotional, nonfactual) data.
Pack: must maintain access to high-bandwidth Internet line.


Material Vision
Uplink: This spirit may upload its consciousness into any device that has processing power and to which it has both a network and a sensory connection (this sensory connection can be its own senses, or one of the pack’s). This uplink grants the spirit some control over the device, but is not possession; the spirit’s Corpus remains where it is. This ability can link multiple devices together, and it can work across the Gauntlet; so, for example, it could allow a cell phone in the Shadow to make calls to the material realm, and vice versa.


The former Totem spirit for the Iron Master, “Crash,” Matrix was discovered by a new pack after Nate Donnelly underwent his First Change after stumbling upon Crash’s underground bunker.

Little else is known about this spirit, as of yet, and some of the pack expressed hesitation about entering into a Totem pact so quickly with it—but thus far it has proven to be capable and true to its word in rendering assistance to the young group of werewolves.


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