Marlon McCullen

Thuggish ginger


With his Vanilla Ice haircut, his frequently bare chest, and his wide array of tattoos, Marlon immediately gives off the first impression of being a brainless thug—and while he may not be entirely brainless, for the most part this impression is accurate. Marlon is the kid you don’t want on your team: devoid of good ideas beyond the occasional sarcastic remark, it is very rare that he has anything worthwhile to contribute to any kind of endeavor. He seems to prefer to sit on the sidelines and snark most of the time; about the only thing that can get him involved is a good old-fashioned fist-fight.


You may not know it to look at him, but Marlon actually possesses quite the pedigree: the McCullen clan is one of the most frequently renowned families of werewolves on the eastern seaboard. His mother earned the deedname “Wizard” for the ridiculous pace at which she mastered even the most complex rites; her cousin, Marion Hunter, is among the most terrifying single uratha ever to cross claws with anyone; and Marion’s mother, Deidre McCullen, was widely known for her instrumental role in personally subduing the Maeljin Pseulak.

Maybe it’s this intimidating lineage that’s got a chip on Marlon’s shoulder. Maybe it’s the fact that he grew up the only boy in a house full of rowdy girls; or maybe it’s that he was the only Blood Talon in a house full of Blood-Talon-hating Iron Masters. Whatever the reason, Marlon isn’t talking. He doesn’t keep his history a secret, but he balks at any attempt to make sense of its effect on his behavior.

Marlon McCullen

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