Adelaide Stoker

PoliSci Professor


Her appearance is strikingly, almost worryingly, perfect—from the sandy blond hair that hangs artfully about her face, to her soul-searchingly potent blue eyes, to the thin, lithe body under that. She might seem fragile, as if every step she took might shatter her too-good-to-be-true looks like glass, if her demeanor, which is powerfully competent and down-to-earth, did not give a distinctly unbreakable impression.

Stoker took over Professor Hartnell’s PoliSci courses two thirds of the way through the semester, but you wouldn’t know it by the fierce loyalty she has already garnered among her students. She’s only been in Flathead Valley for a couple of weeks, and already she’s developed a reputation as a no-nonsense personality and a brilliant teacher.


Lots of rumors are circulating about where exactly Stoker came from. Though she’s not talked about it directly, she is obviously an out-of-towner; students have been able to infer from her worldly, cosmopolitan style that she probably comes from either one coast or the other. Her playful, easygoing side suggests she’s possibly a Californian, but her quick wit and clever sense of humor are tinged with a faintly New England sensibility.

Little is known of Stoker’s personal history; she seems to have few, if any, friends or family living in the area.

Self-confessed lover of Youtube puppy videos.

Rumors about (currently unsubstantiated):

- Is a Bale Hound.
- Is Evan Waters in disguise.
- Is engaged to marry Jeremy Christiansen, Sr.
- Is a figment of the imagination.
- Is a lesbian vampire.
- Is a vampire hunter.
- Is a vampire’s ghoul.
- Is the evil behind everything, ever.
- Was placed into the game purely to torture Adam.

Adelaide Stoker

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